Recovery Package diagramWhat is the Recovery Package?

The recovery package combines several interventions which improve care co-ordination and outcomes for individuals living with or after a cancer diagnosis.

These interventions comprise of:

  • A holistic needs assessment (HNA)
  • A treatment summary
  • Cancer Care Reviews (CCR) (conducted by a GP)
  • A health and wellbeing event

Implementing the Recovery Package across London Cancer

As part of the National Cancer Survivorship Initiative we are working with our partner trusts to implement the recovery package and embed it into all cancer pathways across London Cancer.

In April 2013, we began collecting data from trusts on the number of patients who have received the recovery package interventions. The majority of our trusts are now implementing the HNA for one or more tumour types; three trusts have implemented treatment summaries in one or more tumour types; and five trusts have introduced health and wellbeing events to support individuals after treatment. Having the data at a system level is the first step on a quality improvement journey, and we are continuing to work with our partners on this project.

Support available for our partner trusts

London Cancer have produced guidance and resources to support our partner trusts to implement the recovery package. These can be downloaded below:

National Cancer Survivorship Initiative – further useful information and guidance on implementing the recovery package.

Suggested content for treatment summaries per tumour type and treatment

Directory of services – resource to help you find local services in north central and north east London and west Essex.