Clinicians across London Cancer have been working closely with NHS England and local CCG partners to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcomes for every patient requiring specialist surgery for one of the following five cancers:

  1. Brain tumours
  2. Urological cancers
  3. Head and neck cancers
  4. Acute myeloid leukaemia services and haematopoietic stem cell transplantation
  5. Oesophago-gastric cancer

In 2014, NHS England approved the Specialist services reconfiguration: A case for change in specialist cancer services, developed by clinicians across London Cancer in consultation with patients and local communities. This outlines proposals to consolidate key specialist cancer services into a smaller number of world-class specialist centres. Patients needing complex surgery or treatment will benefit from seven day a week access to the appropriate specialist, shorter length of stay in hospital and better outcomes.

During 2015/16, we have been supporting the implementation of these changes by the designated lead trusts, working alongside all partners to ensure the ambitions for whole pathway improvement are fully realised. It is our belief that these changes to the system will allow more rapid improvements to ensure every patient has access to the full range of treatment options and research opportunities, and provide a consistent level of care no matter where a patient lives or first receives care. Most importantly, we believe the changes will save at least 200 lives per year and lead to better outcomes and experiences for patients.

Read more about the work towards reconfiguring specialist services in our annual review

Reconfiguring cancer services for the common cancers

In 2014/15, the London Cancer pathway boards for breast, colorectal and lung cancer published ambitious service specifications in all areas of care, to reduce variation and improve outcomes for all patients.

Download the latest pathway specifications below: