At London Cancer we are supporting our partners to address the whole pathway of care. This means the care delivered to patients from diagnosis, through treatment, to living with and beyond cancer. We enable GPs, hospital specialists and patients to work together to address improvements in care, such as faster and more equitable access to specialist services and reduced waiting times.

Improving these whole care pathways is a step towards equality of care for all patients within the London Cancer region. Our goal is for patients to be provided with care locally whenever possible and, when complex procedures are needed, for care delivered to be by a world class, high volume specialist team.

Making it happen

London Cancer has appointed senior leaders from each of the tumour pathways, across the London Cancer partnership, as cancer pathway directors. Each pathway director chairs and leads a pathway board. It is the role of each pathway board to design integrated cancer care pathways that extend from presentation and diagnosis through to living with or beyond cancer and end of life care (EOLC).

To date, our work to deliver whole pathway improvement includes:

Read more about our whole pathway improvement work in our annual review.