London Cancer and its partner trusts have worked together to scope the patient experience improvement initiatives are already underway and to understand best areas to focus on going forward.

Through this work we successfully gained:

  • Understanding of our trusts’ patient experience improvement efforts
  • Learning of innovative initiatives to share across the London Cancer region
  • Understanding of what we can do to support trusts to improve patient experience in the future

Barts Health staff award ceremonyWhat is being done well?

From conducting this scoping exercise it was clear that all trusts in the London Cancer region are committed to cultivating patient experience and there are many effective projects already in place.

Some of the great work already happening includes:

  • Implementing staff awards ceremonies – this is significant as there is a relationship between staff wellbeing and patient-reported patient experience
  • Improving the accessibility to written and verbal patient information tailored to the needs of the individual
  • Sharing success through ‘You Said We Did’ information boards which are on display for the public to read

What next?

There is still work to be done to improve patient experience across the London Cancer region. Our priorities for the future are to:

  • Support effort by trusts to embed patient experience through sharing information and best practice within the London Cancer Improving Patient Experience Learning Community
  • Explore national initiatives for improving staff/patient experience that could be put in place within our geography
  • Review the staff communication and information training programmes running within our trusts and consider a sector-wide approach to funding education that is focused on improving staff and patient experience.