London Cancer recognises that working with patients is crucial to understanding how cancer services can be improved. One of our aims is to work with local stakeholders and decision makers to encourage and promote partnership working with diverse communities.

To encourage listening and responding to user voice, we are engaging with clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) across the London Cancer patch to co-design engagement events for patients, carers and health professionals. This is to build lasting or ongoing relationships with communities to gain a deeper understanding of their priorities and enable services tailored to their need.

Our Events

City & Hackney

On 13 May 2015, London Cancer and City & Hackney CCG jointly hosted a community event that brought together patients, carers, the local community, third sector and healthcare professionals, to share views about the challenges faced within cancer services for those using and delivering services.

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Newham CCG and London Cancer co-hosted an event on 2 March 2016. This event saw patients and carers with experiences of cancer care in Newham coming together to share what they felt Newham were doing well for cancer patients, what could be improved and how it could be improved.

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