London Cancer is committed to supporting GPs in their referrals for urgent suspected cancer.

Pan London two week wait referral forms and information about referrals can be accessed at

The My Health London website is providing access to:

  • New Pan-London Suspected Cancer Referral Forms (2016) – available for EmisWeb, SystmOne (Integrated, Non-integrated), Vision and DXS
  • Educational Support
  • Patient Information Leaflets.

Multidisciplinary diagnostic centre

The multidisciplinary diagnostic centre pilot at UCLH and Queen’s Hospital Romford (BHRUT) aims serve two groups of patients with abdominal symptoms:

1) Those too unwell to wait

2) Those with suspected cancer who do not currently qualify for a two week wait

referral, or for whom the pathway is unclear.

The pilot will receive referrals from GPs and emergency departments for patients with the following complaints:

  • Painless jaundice – either clinically obvious or bilirubin >80, cause unknown
  • More than 5% recent unexplained and proven weight loss, not previously investigated and no likely benign diagnosis
  • Non-specific abdominal symptoms, lasting 3 weeks but less than 6 months, and malignancy suspected
  • Abdominal pain resulting in at least two visits to ED or primary care within one calendar month, not previously investigated and without a likely diagnosis

Please see below for the Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Centre referral form.

MDC referral form – word

MDC referral form – zip

Palliative care referrals

The north London palliative care referral form can be downloaded here.