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London Cancer was first established in April 2012. Since then our work has focussed on achieving our core objectives. The annual reviews provide a summary of our achievements to date and how we plan to move forward in our work.

Annual Review 2015/16

Annual Review 2014/15

Annual Review 2013/14

Annual Review 2012/13

Our publications


Implementing an innovative survivorship navigator role to deliver the recovery package to men in Havering living with the consequences of prostate cancer

Cancer diagnosis following emergency presentations at three sites in one London Trust. Detailed analysis from the London Cancer A&E audit leading to quality improvement.

Patients’ Experiences of Cancer Diagnosis as a Result of an Emergency Presentation: A Qualitative Study

One year survival for cancer diagnosed following emergency presentation. An update from the London Cancer A&E audit

Quality metrics for evaluation of new Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Centres

Evidence for a delay in diagnosis of Wilms’ tumour in the UK compared with Germany: implications for primary care for children


Listening to patients with cancer: using a literary-based research method to understand patient-focused care

Learning what high quality compassionate care means for cancer patients and translating that into practice

Straight to test colonoscopy – a viable means of shortening time to a definitive diagnosis


Pragmatic approach to quality metrics development in cancer